clay with three moulding toolstools used for stone carving - hammer, chiselcarving tools for wood

The thrill of standing in my father’s workshop lingers.  The deafening rhythmic noise of the machines, the intense smell of the lubricating oils and the extreme heat of the molten metals which sparked the fireworks behind my tightly-closed eyelids, before the call to “Stand Clear!”. These sensations forged my connection with the artistic possibilities for crafting forms – cast or carved – and inspire me to write specifically about sculptures.

My writing serves sculptors, exhibitions and galleries to support the coveted success that all seek to achieve.

Meticulously researched academic assignments and essays are documented with precision and adhere to specified writing disciplines.

In focusing solely on sculptures, I specialise in language and expression resonant with these dimensional works; take a look at my recent writings.

Contact me to discuss how I can deliver words that you are delighted to share with your art-loving audiences.

Author © Melanie Veasey 2015 – 2018

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