Sculpture at the Chelsea Flower Show 2015

John O' Conner - Yoga poseChris Beardshaw gardenGirl

Simon GudgeonMichael Speller - concavedDavid Meredith - Shield HorseFemale health

Leading the eye towards a pleasing focal point has long been a subtle skill practised by the greatest landscape designers. Punctuating an inspired horticultural composition, sculpture defines the ambience of the environment, conveying meaning and moment.

Sculpture introduces an element of the unexpected and reveals itself with theatrical intent. When thoughtfully placed its balanced proportionality is staged to dramatic effect, evoking memory, emotion and visceral response.

Though the Chelsea Flower Show may have been challenged by the lack of financial sponsorship available for garden designers since the economic tremor of 2008, potentially empty plots have been filled by those offering complementary accessories.

This year the show offers avenues of glorious gardens together with the best works of exceptional contemporary English sculptors including: Anna Gillespie (favoured in Chris Beardshaw’s gardens), Simon Gudgeon, David Meredith, John O’Connor, Lucy Smith, Michael Speller and David Watkinson.

In doing so this venue offers a rare opportunity to compare and contrast subject, style and scale and, unlike works displayed in sculpture parks, many of the sculptures here propose a more familial intimate appeal.

These covetable works of art – many of figurative form – engage with our inclement weather to endlessly mesmerising focus.

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